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April 2023- From the President

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

PMI Central Ohio Chapter Members,

I hope you and your families are well. I continue to be grateful to my fellow board members, volunteers, and you, our members, for supporting our Chapter throughout the beginning of 2023. I hope you all have had time to at least be at one of our in-person events.

The board members have been working hard on exciting upcoming events and have had some very fun events this past quarter. One of the amazing events coming this quarter that I am personally excited about; Building the Silicon Heartland, make sure you all get signed up for this tremendous opportunity. What a timely and exciting topic! We hope to have a lot of Construction Project Managers there or if you are interested in Construction Project Management you should definitely attend. We will be updating our Calendar of Events, with many opportunities for your development and network.

Please visit and participate.

If you have not already done so, please sign up for your Newsletter to inform you of our upcoming events and activities.

Membership Focus

The very first paragraph you see on the PMI website is this:

PMI empowers people to make ideas a reality. Through Global advocacy, networking, collaboration, research, and education. PMI prepares organizations and individuals at every stage of their career journey to work smarter so they can drive success in a world of change.

For this fiscal quarter, our theme focuses on People and Business Environment. This theme aligns with the new focus of the PMP exam structure. In our ever-changing work environment, I want to make sure the Central Ohio Chapter Members are able to be versatile in the type of Project Management work they do. For example, you may be an IT Project Manager, but you have always dreamed of being a part of building something and you want to be a part of rolling out the latest FDA medication to the marketplace. We want to help get you there.

Maybe when you started with the Central Ohio Chapter, you were single, in college, had no children, or had a house full. Now you may be married, have children, finished school, or be an empty nester. Just like our lives go through the season so do our careers and our chapter wants to meet that challenge with you and help give you all the tools and skills you need to move forward in life. Let us help you develop yourself for the new economy. Together we will get through all the new seasons of our lives. We want to grow with you in every phase.

PMI Leadership Institute Management (LIM)

What Happens in San Diego… Doesn’t Stay In San Diego!

I had the great opportunity to represent our Central Ohio Chapter of PMI at LIM.

What an amazing and fun conference. I learned and shared so much at the conference. We have a lot of hard work but hopefully fun and rewarding work ahead of us.

I will be going over some of the new ideas, tools, and skills with the board to see if they might be a good fit to make a better Central Ohio Chapter for you!

However to determine the vision for the future of our chapter. I want to hear from all of you, not just the board. I am certain there are ideas you as members have that you would like to see from our chapter.

I would like you to answer the following questions; if you have time:

What would help you?

What would make this chapter more valuable to you?

What would make this chapter fun?

Send me your ideas and I will review them and see if we can get them accomplished. I cannot promise all of them; however, I will be sharing what we receive and what we can do.

Please email me at President@PMICOC.Org

Upcoming Central Ohio Professional Development (PDD) Day

As most of you are aware we SOLD OUT this event last year. When it is time to register jump on this as I am certain we will also SELL OUT in 2023 as well.

Consider putting a placeholder on your calendar for our Central Ohio Chapter PDD Day on Friday, November 10, 2022, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EDT. Please share the details of this opportunity with your friends and professional network.

Don’t just come to get your PDU, come and network, make friends, and find likeminded people. The Central Ohio Chapter is your community.

Thank you to Stephanie Monroe, Steven Sicilian and Farrah Zemke for leading the PDD Day Team and all our other Volunteers that are currently working on this project to make it amazing for all of our members of Central Ohio Chapter.


Kelsey Ward and her team, continue to deliver excellent outputs with our newsletters and through our social media platforms. These sources will inform you of events and opportunities available directly through our Chapter from PMI Global and our collaborating partners.

Please continue visiting our social media platforms to remain updated on our Chapter's events and share these details with your contacts below.

Feel free to follow us now on Twitter and Instagram as we prepare for our relaunch later this year.


Steven Sicilian, Director of Finance, successfully lead the Board through the approval of our FY22 budget. Steven is working hard to lower our cost overhead and find ways that benefit our finances on behalf of our members, volunteers, partners, and vendors.


Jenna Livingston always has amazing things going on in Outreach. This year we will be doing two in-person hours for impact to help our community.

  • An “Hours for Impact” in-person, Saturday volunteer opportunity in June with LifeCare Alliance will be posted soon—families/children are welcome! More details coming soon in bi-weekly email blasts

  • We will have another hour for the Impact volunteer project later in the year with Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, most likely in August/September

In general, I pled with everyone a part of the Central Ohio Chapter to sign up for hours for impact. This is a forecast of what you think you will be able to do for the year 2023 to make your community a better place.

Below is the web page to be able to check it out.

We brought so many hours in 2022 the Central Ohio Chapter was recognized this week at the LIM conference along with nine other chapters.

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” ― John F. Kennedy

Thank you to the Board and all our Volunteers

I want to personally THANK every Board Member and Volunteer for all their time and hard work.

COC Board

  • Maria McGuire – Secretary

  • Jenna Livingston – President Elect

  • Steven Sicilian – Treasure

  • Kelsey Ward – Director At Large

  • Bruce Halley – Director At Large

  • Norm Wilson – Strategic Program Director

  • Stephanie Monroe – Past President

  • Anurag Sahai – Digital Strategy Advisor

COC Volunteers

  • Amna Jamal

  • Andy Milano

  • Brandon Schnug

  • Charlene Bridges

  • Cindi Baker

  • Courtney Morse

  • Dave Davis

  • Dr. Sam Akulli

  • Ebony Robinson -Street

  • Erica Mohre

  • Farrah Zemke

  • George Rapp

  • Haley Johnson

  • Jeff Burns

  • Jennifer Patrick

  • Julie VanDelinder

  • Kate Wood

  • Ketti Pryor

  • Marlon McKoy

  • Michelle Johnson

  • Nick Gatlin

  • Ram Vedantam

  • Rich Figallo

  • Sharon Manwarren

  • Shubhada R Keesara

  • Ta’Sean Lee

  • Travis Jones

  • Yolanda Mackey

Yours Sincerely,

Deborah Ducmanas PMP Central Ohio PMI Chapter President

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