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July 2023 - From the President

Happy Summer to all of our Central Ohio Chapter Members,

The Board has not been taking vacation instead we have been busy working for all of you! Wow did that Second Quarter go FAST!

Member Focus

The Second Quarter we have been much focused on doing a lot of events. Please make sure you check your calendars.

Please bring a friend to one of our exciting and creative events, maybe they would like to be a part of the Central Ohio Chapter!

Did you know Central Ohio was the 3rd PMI chapter in the US? How cool is that fact.

Some of the upcoming events are as follows:

Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so Much!

- Helen Keller

Professional Development Day

The volunteers and the PDD Board are working so hard to make sure you all have the greatest PDD Day ever this year! Please make sure you are looking for emails and postings to register and we have some exciting reasons to register early. Look for that in your emails soon!

As most of you are aware we SOLD OUT this event last year. When it is time to register jump on this as I am certain we will also SELL OUT in 2023 as well.

Consider putting a placeholder on your calendar for our Central Ohio Chapter PDD Day on Friday, November 10, 2022, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EDT. Please share the details of this opportunity with your friends and professional network.

Don’t just come to get your PDU, come and network, make friends, and find likeminded people. The Central Ohio Chapter is your community.

Global Summit

I'm thrilled to share that I'll be heading to Atlanta, GA in October with a fellow Board Member to attend the PMI Global Summit. It's an incredible opportunity for me to proudly represent the Central Ohio Chapter. I'm especially looking forward to connecting with other Chapters and gaining valuable insights that we can potentially apply within our own chapter.

Volunteer Meetings

For our VLT Group we will be doing a $15 drawing at our meetings for attendees. We will also be sending out a survey to get a little help on what day works best for everyone. Please look for that from our IT team.

Plus if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer we are very much excited to have you as one of our Volunteers, please reach out to me or one of our board members if you are interested.

2023 Board & Election

Exciting news! To better align our chapter with others across the U.S., our Board has voted to extend our Presidential Term Limit from one year to two years. This change will provide greater impact, stability, and continuity to our Chapter. So, what exactly does this mean?

That means the terms will be laid out as follows:

President Elect will be 2 Year Term

President will be 2 Year Term

Past President will be a 2 Year Term

What does that means for your Current President – Elect, President & Past President.

  • Jenna Livingston will be President Elect for 2 Year before becoming President

  • Deborah Ducmanas will be President for 2 Years before becoming Past President

  • Stephanie Monroe will be Past President for 2 Years

We hope this will give us all the time to make the changes to our chapter we see as important to our membership. We all are very committed to you and to PMI.

We will be having an election for all open Board Member positions – Please watch for the call for Nominees in your email.


Discount Available for PMI Change Management Self Starter Course PMI has bundled three of Prosci's intro to change management courses into one course. Earn 2.5 PDUs in 2.5 hours.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Change Management

  • Introduction to ADKAR®

  • Introduction to Leading Change

Register online and get a 10% discount using the code on the landing page

Also Available

PMI and WOPM are offering membership discounts for new members. If you are currently a member of PMI and not a member of WOPM, use code WOPM149 for $149 USD off your 1st year of membership to Women of Project Management. If you are currently a member of WOPM and not a member of PMI, use the code WOPM15 for a 15% discount on PMI


Kelsey Ward and her team, continue to deliver excellent outputs with our newsletters and through our social media platforms. These sources will inform you of events and opportunities available directly through our Chapter from PMI Global and our collaborating partners.

Please continue visiting our social media platforms to remain updated on our Chapter's events and share these details with your contacts:


Jenna Livingston always has amazing things going on in Outreach. This year we will be doing two in person hours for impact to help our community.

  • An “Hours for Impact” in-person, volunteer opportunity with LifeCare Alliance will be posted soon – We were supposed to do this on June 24, 2023 however we had low volunteerism so we will try again in September – Please look out for this opportunity

  • We will have another Hours for Impact volunteer project later in the year with Furniture Bank of Central Ohio, most likely in August/September

In general I plead with everyone to be a part of the Central Ohio Chapter sign up for hours for impact.

This is a forecast on what you think you will be able to do for the year of 2023 to make your community a better place.

Below if the web page to be able to check it out.

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.

Sherry Anderson

Thank you to the Board and all our Volunteers

I want to personally THANK every Board Member and Volunteer for all their time and hard work.

COC Board

  • Maria McGuire – Secretary

  • Jenna Livingston – President Elect

  • Steven Sicilian – Treasurer

  • Kelsey Ward – Director At Large

  • Bruce Halley – Director At Large

  • Norm Wilson – Strategic Program Director

  • Stephanie Monroe – Past President

  • Anurag Sahai – Digital Strategy Advisor

COC Volunteers

  • Amna Jamal

  • Andy Milano

  • Brandon Schnug

  • Charlene Bridges

  • Cindi Baker

  • Courtney Morse

  • Dave Davis

  • Dr. Sam Akulli

  • Ebony Robinson -Street

  • Erica Mohre

  • Farrah Zemke

  • George Rapp

  • Haley Johnson

  • Jeff Burns

  • Jennifer Patrick

  • Julie VanDelinder

  • Kate Wood

  • Ketti Pryor

  • Marlon McKoy

  • Michelle Johnson

  • Nick Gatlin

  • Noor Saqf Alhait

  • Ram Vedantam

  • Rich Figallo

  • Sharon Manwarren

  • Shubhada Reddy

  • Ta’Sean Lee

  • Travis Jones

  • Yolanda Mackey


Deborah Ducmanas, PMP

Central Ohio PMI Chapter President

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