Deborah Ducmanas

President Elect

Deborah Ducmanas is serving the chapter as the President Elect for 2022 and will be the President of the Central Ohio Chapter in 2023. Currently, she is working closely with the current President and the Board to ensure 2022 goals are met and that the chapter is positioned for a strong 2023.

In her role, Deborah also supports the VP of Outreach and the Outreach committee. Prior to serving in her current position, Deborah served and will continue to serve on the Outreach committee and also the PDD Committee.

Deborah is the Director of the Project Management Office for Dassault Systemes. Deborah also heads up the Project Management Team for DASSAULT SYSTEMES that work all over the world. Deborah also overseeing a wide range of projects including Strategic Customers, International Customers and Partners. She has worked for DASSAULT SYSTEMES for 5 years in various roles including a Project Manager and a Delivery Manager. Deborah brings over 20 years of infrastructure, software and project management expertise, including a multi-million dollar implementation projects and launching online presence. Deborah has earned her PMP certification and is a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Deborah Ducmanas