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You, Me, and the Bots: A Serious Conversation on AI and Our Profession

9:45 AM

Ways of Working 0.25 / Power Skills 0.75

AI presents threats, challenges, opportunities, and adventures. As professionals we will need to be able to incorporate “features” of AI in order to enhance our skills and competencies to deliver value in the future. We will explore how that is happening now, how it will happen in the future, and how it will change the way we deliver value. Automation of Routine Tasks, Advanced Analytics and Predictive Insights, Enhanced Planning, Stakeholder Analysis, Risk Management, Augmented Decision-Making, Intelligent Process Automation, Ethical and Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI) Implementation, and Intelligent Assistance, are skills projected to be impacted by AI. This presentation will discuss this impact and how we can embrace the challenges and prepare for our future.

Dave Davis
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