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Transferability of project management methodologies and skills: from constructing buildings to constructing dissertations

9:45 AM

Ways of Working 0.5 / Business Acumen 0.5

This panel comprises project managers and those who educate doctoral-level learners in topics related to project management at Franklin University. Drawing upon their unique professional experiences, our panelists will share their insights about how and in what ways project management manifests in a variety of settings. Our focus is project management methodologies and skills with high transferability to various industries. Additionally, we will share how we developed, continuously improve, and maintain the tie to industries within doctoral education across academic disciplines at Franklin University. Attendees can expect to learn about the value of highly transferable project management expertise and the symbiotic relationship Franklin’s doctoral programs hold with industry.

Dr. Patrick Bennett, Ed.D., MBA, PMP,Dr. Robin Hinkle, Kevin Stoker, Dr. Rachel Althof, Dr. Wendell Seaborne
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